About us

Sea Harbour specialises in the sales and distribution of high quality seafood products

and prized delicacies such as bird nest. Sea Harbour only sources products from reputable and well established wholesalers. We provide a wide variety of seafood, including exquisite items not readily available in other outlets.

Our management team has diligently checked and researched all our suppliers and ensured they are HACCP accredited, and that they comply with the required Code of Standard regulated by the Australian and New Zealand Government authorities.

We aim at delivering the best quality products at the best prices.

We have a strong sourcing base and are offered priority rights to purchase the best quality and the freshest grades from top local seafood wholesalers. This enables us to offer competitive pricing to our customers and clients, and also attractive discounts for quantity or bulk purchases.

It is our objective to promote the business of Sea Harbour as a supplier of the freshest and highest quality seafood products and other exotic delicacies, delivering good value and quality to meet our customers’ satisfaction.

We welcome enquiries and our friendly staff is here to assist.

Please contact us on: info@seaharbour.com.au.

Some of our popular products