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High Grade Bird’s Nest

Health Benefits

As it is rich in protein, collagen and other nutrients and minerals, the consumption of bird’s nest is scientifically proven to have several health benefits, such as stimulating the regeneration of cells, strengthening our immune and respiratory system, and improving the performance of our internal organs. When consumed by pregnant women, it could also help to strengthen the body of the mother and foetus as well as speed up the post-birth recovery process. Besides that, bird’s nest is known for its beauty benefits that help women to rejuvenate and maintain smooth, radiant and youthful complexion.

Product Description

Why Choose High Grade Bird’s Nest?

Bird’s nests are graded according to the order they are harvested and can be graded as first stage bird’s nests, second stage bird’s nests and third stage bird’s nests.

First stage bird’s nests: Due to the abundant rainfall from January to April each year, this is an excellent time for the propagation of small animals and plants. With sufficient food and specially strong bodies, Collocalia ciphaga swiftlets produce the most saliva during this period. Their nests contain less foreign matter and the bird’s nest pieces produced are larger and thicker. Thus the price of first stage bird’s nests are higher.

General Cooking Method

Pure bird’s nest requires double boiling by placing it in a stew pot before placing the stew pot (made of ceramic or stainless steel) into the boiling pot. Place the soaked and cleansed bird’s nest into the stew pot and add suitable amount of hot water before putting on the cap and placing it into the boiling pot. Add hot water to about half the height of the stew pot and stew over a slow fire.

Water in the stew pot
The total content in the stew pot including the bird’s nest, other ingredients and hot water should not exceed 70% of the height of the stew pot to avoid spilling over and wastage due to the rise in water level caused by the expansion of the ingredients during stewing.

Heat control
The enzymes contained the active ingredients in bird’s nest can sustain a temperature of around 80ºC. Boiling the bird’s nest destroys its nutritional values. Bird’s nest should be cooked by double boiling to avoid destruction of its proteins while retaining its fragrance and nutrients. That is why hot water is used both inside and outside the stew pot when stewing bird’s nest. If you do not have the time, then stew it in slow heat in an electric slow cooker.

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